MoreUnit Supports Custom Languages

For awhile now, I’ve been a fan of the MoreUnit Eclipse plugin.

MoreUnit has a few features, but the primary one that I use religiously is auto-jump between a Foo file and its FooTest file, which by default MoreUnit maps to Control-J.

This sounds minor, but it’s amazing how often I jump between these two files. And, granted, Eclipse does have forward/backward history, but often I’ve been off in some other file before getting back to Foo that I’m testing, so FooTest is not necessarily my immediately-previous location.

Control-J means I can get there immediately, and in exactly the same cursor location as before (unlike Control-Shift-T which moves the cursor to the type declaration).

Admittedly, this sounds like the sort of thing IntelliJ likely has built-in by default, and also tweaked for every language/framework they support. But, for better or worse, I currently use Eclipse.

So, MoreUnit/Control-J is great.

Unfortunately, MoreUnit was built to be Java-only. Given I also write a lot of Scala, I really missed Control-J in Scala projects, to the point where I even cloned the MoreUnit source, but got kind of lost trying to add it.

Hence, today my pleasant discovery that they’ve added configurable support for custom languages. In really a pretty brilliant/configurable way, per this screen shot:

You can basically give it a pattern of “source path to expected test path”, e.g. for me a really simple src/main/* -> src/test/*, and magically it can jump back/forth between Foo.scala and FooTest.scala.


(…turns out they’ve been working on/released this feature since ~2012 so apparently I’ve just been ignorant. I wish I’d know back then, but at least I know now!)

(Looks like there is a MoreUnit port to IntelliJ, which mentions IntelliJ does have a “Jump to Test” built-in, but the MoreUnit port supports more languages/non-standard naming conventions.)

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