Scala Implicit Conversion with Tuples

I had not seen this before, but while reading a blog post about this Magnet Pattern, they showed how Scala’s implicit conversions will convert a parameter list into a tuple while searching for implicit conversions. E.g.:

object ImplicitTest {
  // we have some type Foo
  case class Foo(o: AnyRef)

  // and a method that only takes Foos
  def needsAFoo(foo: Foo) = foo.toString

  // and we can convert tuples to Foo
  implicit def tupleToFoo(t: (Int, Int)) = Foo(t)

  def main(args: Array[String]) {
    // obviously, calling foo with a tuple works, as the
    // Scala compiler looks for implicit defs that would
    // take this arg that doesn't compile (Tuple2[Int, Int])
    // and returns it as a type that would compile, i.e. Foo
    println(needsAFoo((1, 2)))
    // becomes:
    // needsAFoo(tupleToFoo(new Tuple2(1, 2))))

    // but we can also pretend we're passing the arguments
    // directly to needsAFoo, and the Scala compiler will
    // group "1, 2" together into a Tuple2[Int, Int], and
    // find the same implicit def as before
    println(needsAFoo(1, 2))

This is pretty neat, and something I’ll try and remember.

The Magnet pattern looks pretty cool, too, but I haven’t had a lot of time to study it yet.

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