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Old School Bell Trick

I’m running test cases from the console a lot lately. Besides missing Eclipse, my productivity has dropped as I’ll task switch to something else while the tests run, and I typically only notice the tests have completed after my other supposedly-parallel task hits an interrupt.

To help with this, I’m using an old bell script I had laying around. I came across it awhile ago, and it is pretty simple, but I thought it might be worth rehashing the trick for others finding themselves on the command line lately.

It looks like:

echo ^G

Where ^G is not two literal characters ^ and G, but a single control character BEL. How you enter BEL depends on your editor–in vim, you do Ctrl-V Ctrl-G in insert mode.

If you chmod u+x bell and then just run bell from the command line, you should hear a “ding” system bell.

Now when running tests, I do:

grails test-app ; bell

Switch away, and then I can come back immediately when I hear the “ding”. The pre-emptive task switch makes me feel more productive anyway.